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January 20, 2022 Webranking

Swiss companies include detailed business and sustainability strategies

By Caroline Becker

The 18th Swiss edition of the Webranking research, conducted alongside our partner Lundquist, has shown an improved performance for Swiss companies nationally and on a European level. This year, 51 of Switzerland’s largest listed companies were included in the research.

Top of the class

The top 10 best-performing companies in Switzerland this year are Swisscom, Givaudan, Sika, Nestlé, Barry Callebaut, Zurich Insurance Group, Roche, Georg Fischer, Sonova and Credit Suisse.

Other companies that garnered attention are the Swiss Best Climbers: Richemont increased their score from last year’s edition by 11.8 points, followed by Lonza which increased by 8.2 points, Vifor Pharma by eight points, Georg Fischer by 6.4 and Swatch Group by 5.5 points.

Swisscom include a clear presentation of who they are as a company, including key figures and geographical locations.

Screenshot of Swisscom's website explaining their company profile

Communicating financial information and business strategy

Communicating strategy with concrete objectives and market context, presenting results and stock information and providing an accessible and user-friendly financial archive are just a few elements which are key to communicating with financial stakeholders. In this area of the research Swisscom, Givaudan, Barry Callebaut, Sika and Sonova are the best-performing companies. Barry Callebaut stands out with its presentation of “why to invest in the company" in a clear and concise way, defining its main points of strength and elements of distinctiveness with respect to the context. Roche is also a top-performer and sets itself apart with a complete and distinctive presentation of its strategic plan which includes infographics and links to obtain further details.

Swiss companies communicating sustainability

Presenting commitments and material priorities, defining clear and measurable objectives and illustrating sustainability initiatives and performance: these elements are key to communicating commitment to sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship towards stakeholders. In Switzerland, the best-performing companies when it comes to communicating sustainability are Swisscom, Nestlé, Givaudan, Roche and Sika.

Eighty-six percent of Swiss companies offer a detailed presentation of their sustainability strategy, a definition of their commitment and material topics. Nestlé explains its stakeholder engagement, starting from the reasons behind the process and the identification of the reference categories, to the definition of the materiality matrix.  Givaudan illustrates the four pillars of its sustainability model using progressive disclosure which helps highlight the key elements but also facilitates navigation between different content.

The Swiss top performers 

1SwisscomSwitzerland, Europe 5001510 Telecommunications83,5
2GivaudanSwitzerland, Europe 5005520 Chemicals78,8
3SikaSwitzerland, Europe 5005010 Construction and Materials69,9
4NestléSwitzerland, Europe 5004510 Food, Beverage and Tobacco65,6
5Barry CallebautSwitzerland, Europe 5004510 Food, Beverage and Tobacco65,0
6Zurich Insurance GroupSwitzerland, Europe 5003030 Insurance62,4
7RocheSwitzerland, Europe 5002010 Health Care59,1
8Georg FischerSwitzerland, Europe 5005020 Industrial Goods and Services56,9
9SonovaSwitzerland, Europe 5002010 Health Care56,0
10Credit Suisse GroupSwitzerland, Europe 5003010 Banks53,1

* Out of 100

See the full Swiss results or read more about the Webranking report.

About Lundquist

Lundquist is an independent, international, and trusted company for corporate communications and sustainability. Lundquist bridges the gap between companies and their audiences, helping to build trust and transparency among stakeholders. For further information, visit www.lundquist.it.

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Caroline Becker

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Helena Wennergren

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