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December 20, 2022 Webranking

Norwegian companies stand out in presenting share information, but lack in business model presentation

Norwegian companies have performed better than the European average this year, particularly in terms of presenting information about their shares. However, none of the ranked companies have presented their business model, which is an area that needs improvement. 

The average score of the 14 Norwegian companies included in this year's Webranking edition has improved by 0.7 points, bringing it to 44.4 points. This is slightly higher than the European average of 44 points.

The Norwegian results show that companies are presenting detailed information about the companies' shares are presented. This is beneficial for investors as it helps them determine whether it is worth investing in the company or not.

Detailed information about the companies' shares

This year the Norwegian companies have performed best when it comes to presenting information about their companies' shares. Their performance stands out in this area, as they have, on average, received 53%, which compares with the European average of 37%.

Providing enough information about your company's shares on your corporate website is essential to help investors better understand your company's financial health and performance, which can be important for making informed investment decisions. Presenting detailed share information on your website makes it more easily accessible to interested parties, which can be beneficial for both your company and investors.

Yara International provide a comprehensible share section, including detailed dividend and share performance information. The share graph includes a comparison with peers in the same industry and sector indices, making it easy to compare the performance.

Screenshot of Yara's share performance graph.

None of the ranked companies present their business model

This year, none of the ranked Norwegian companies present an overview of their business model, which leaves some room for concern. In our Capital Market survey, we see that the company's business model is one of the most important pieces of information to present on a corporate website.

A business model allows potential customers and clients to understand the company's approach to generating revenue and delivering value. This can help to build trust and credibility with the audience. Additionally, a business model can provide a clear and concise overview of the company's services and products, which can help to attract new customers and business partners.

Finally, presenting a business model on a corporate website can help to differentiate a company from their competitors and highlight their unique value proposition.

Telenor, Norsk Hydro and Equinor the top performers

Telenor remain as the Norwegian top performer, and their score has increased by 3.3 points, further strengthening the position. Telenor offer a comprehensive homepage as well as a detailed careers section.

Norsk Hydro are the Norwegian company that have improved their score the most since last year. Their total score has improved by 5.6 points, and as a result of this improvment, they have climbed from fourth to second place. Well done!

Equinor have dropped one placement, from second to third place. Still, Equinor offer an extensive press section, as well as transparent sustainability information.

Top 5 - Norway

2Norsk Hydro60.4
4Yara International57.7
5Aker BP44.7

See the full Norwegian results list or learn more about Webranking.

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