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January 10, 2023 Webranking

Investment propositions are missing from Dutch corporate websites

According to the 2022-2023 Webranking research, Dutch companies lag behind their European counterparts in overall performance. However, they excel in the Careers category, effectively showcasing available career paths. On the other hand, Investor Relations proves to be a major struggle for many Dutch companies, as they fail to present compelling investment propositions.

This year, 29 Dutch companies were ranked. When looking at the overall performance the average score continues to be below the European average (41.7 vs 44.0 points). The average score has not changed since last year.

Good introductions to possible career areas

Careers is one of the areas where Dutch companies come close to their European peers in performance.

Many Dutch companies provide a good introduction to which possible career areas are available at their companies. 59% of the ranked companies provide this, which compares with the European average of 48%.

Providing potential employees with information about the types of careers that are available within the company is beneficial in many ways. For example, it can help to attract potential employees who are interested in pursuing those careers, and it can also help to establish the company as a desirable employer.

Signify give a good overview of each possible career area, including videos and employee testimonials. Related jobs are available on the same page, making them easy to find.

Screenshot of Signify's careers page

Investor Relations the biggest challenge

For most countries, providing sufficient Investor Relations information is a challenge, and for Dutch companies, it is the biggest challenge. The companies fall behind their European peers as their average score only is at 20%, compared with the European average of 25% (which also leaves a lot of room for improvement).

The Dutch companies need to become better at presenting their investment propositions/investment case, clearly stating why someone should invest in their company. The investment case should outline the reasons why an investment in your company is a good idea. It should include information about your company, including financial performance, market position, and potential for growth. It may also include information about the investment opportunity, such as the potential return on investment, the level of risk involved, and the potential benefits of investing. Presenting this can help to attract potential investors and build trust with them.

ASML Holding present a clear investment case where it is clear how they create value. Financial key figures are also presented, including their R&D investments.

Screenshot of ASML's investment case

Shell, ASML and Unilever the top performers

Shell remain as the best performing Dutch company. Their strongest area is reporting, and they, for example, provide an online sustainability report.

ASML Holding have climbed one placement, improving their score by 6.4 points. They are now very close to Shell, as the difference in score only is 0.4 points. ASML are also good at reporting, providing an online annual report. They also have an impressive Careers section.

Unilever have also climbed one placement, from fourth to third place and are thus new at the Dutch podium. They have improved their score by 6.3 points. They are strong in Careers and Sustainability.

Prosus the best climber

Prosus are the Dutch company that have improved their score the most since last year, by 8.2 points. Still, they come in 23 place on the Dutch list, so some additional improvements are definitely needed.

Top 10 - Netherlands

2ASML Holding57.5
7Akzo Nobel50.1

See the full Dutch results list or learn more about Webranking.

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