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November 25, 2022 Webranking

Danish companies need to improve Investor Relations communication

In this year's Danish Webranking edition, we see that the average score of Danish companies has dipped by 1.6 points, but it is still above the European average. The 20 ranked companies have, on average, received 45.3 points (out of 100). They continue to present detailed reporting information but need to improve Investor Relations communication.

The Danish companies perform best when it comes to presenting information related to financial reporting. They are especially good at presenting key figures related to financial performance, which 44% of the companies do.

Financial key figures are a record of a company's financial activity and condition used to assess their financial standing and whether it would be a wise investment. Presenting financial key figures in an accessible way, for example, in an interactive graph, helps investors evaluate your performance.

Nordea is a good example as they present their key figures in an interactive tool, and the key figures are given both per full year and quarter.

Screenshot of key figures on Nordea's website.

The most significant area for improvement is, as for many other countries, Investor Relations communication. Companies must become better at presenting investment propositions and information about managing risks.

An investment proposition should be available and clearly state arguments for why someone should invest in the company, including both monetary and sustainability arguments. Presenting this on your corporate website is essential to convince potential investors.

Coloplast present several arguments for why an investor should invest in their company, covering many different aspects, from the position in the market to management style.

Screen shot of Coloplast's investment proposition.

Chr. Hansen and Ørsted the top performers

Chr. Hansen keep the position as the Danish top performer and have also improved the score by 2.1 points, further strengthening the position. They present an impressive media section and, contrary to many companies, a detailed careers section.

Ørsted also maintain their position as number two on the Danish list and, for example, offer a comprehensive homepage, creating a good overview of the company.

Nordea are new on the podium and have taken Vestas Wind Systems' place as number three. They are also the best climber which is the company that has improved the most since last year, by 6.8 points. Nordea offer transparent governance information as well as detailed reporting information

Top 10 in Denmark

1Chr. Hansen64.1
4Danske Bank54.2
5Novo Nordisk53.7
8Vestas Wind Systems47.8

See the full Danish results lists or learn more about Webranking.

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