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February 28, 2022 Webranking

Austrian companies demonstrate a good level of transparency 

By Caroline Becker

The year 2021 was all about recovery, both economically and in terms of communication. This is reflected in the improved performance of European companies in Webranking. In the 2021-2022 edition of Webranking Europe 500 conducted in Austria by Lundquist in cooperation with Comprend, five Austrian companies were included.

Austrian companies achieved an average score of 54.2 out of a total of 100 points, 10.6 points higher than the European sample average of 43.6 points. This puts Austria in 4th place in the aggregate ranking by country behind Finland, Italy and Sweden and ahead of Switzerland and Germany. 

This years results confirm a trend that has already been highlighted in previous editions of the research: Austrian corporate communication on financial results continues to be the lowest scoring section (with companies achieving 30% on average). Forwardlooking communications, such as presenting the business strategy, financial targets and so forth also remain a weaker point for the Austrian companies. These results confirm the need for greater emphasis on companies' perspectives on where they are now, and where they want to be in terms of financial performance, market context, and target lines.

Austrian companies are also lacking transparency in corporate governance information including the  presentation of the Board of Directors, key managers, compensation policy and data, the second lowest scoring section (with companies achieving 43% on average).

Wienerberger emerges as the leader of the Austrian companies, followed by Erste Group, OMV, Voestalpine and Verbund.

Wienerberger is the only company to score more than half points in the Investor Relations and Governance sections. As far as communication with investors is concerned, the company stands out for the presentation of the business strategy which is clear and complete and for the  presence of an investor proposition which summarises the strengths of the company for investors. In terms of corporate governance Wienerberger presents detailed information on remuneration and AGMs, as well as on top managers and Board of Directors.

screenshot of winerberger's website

Austrian results 

1WienerbergerEurope 500, Austria63,1
2Erste GroupEurope 500, Austria60,7
3OMV GroupEurope 500, Austria55,5
4VoestalpineEurope 500, Austria50,2
5VerbundEurope 500, Austria41,7

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Caroline Becker

Caroline Becker

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Helena Wennergren

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