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February 09, 2021 Webranking

A sharp decline in Austrian transparency results

Today we report the findings of the 15th Webranking by Comprend 2020-2021 Austrian edition in collaboration with Lundquist. Austrian companies this year fail to meet the growing demands for transparent digital communications, as the average dropped by 5.2 points. 

The Austrian average of 41.7 points dropped from last year’s 46.9-point average (-5.2 points). This drop is much sharper compared to the European average, which dropped by 2.1 points on average.  This year the research evaluated 21 Austrian companies (2 of which have also been included in the Europe 500 list).  

Insufficient disclosure of key aspects of corporate communication

Austrian corporate communication on financial results continues to be the lowest scoring section. Besides, forward- looking communications, such as presenting the business strategy, financial targets and so forth, remain a sore point for the majority of Austrian companies.

On a positive note, Austrian companies have improved their governance communications. They also fare relatively well when it comes to reporting.

Austria top 10

RankCompanyScore out of 100
2Erste Group59.8
3OMV Group57.3
4Vienna Insurance Group55.4
7Telekom Austria46.6
9Uniqa Insurance Group43.0
10Raffeisen Bank International42.0

See the full Austrian results

Download the whitepaper for Austria (PDF)

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Helena Wennergren

Helena Wennergren

Senior consultant


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Caroline Becker

Caroline Becker

Responsible for Webranking Italy, Switzerland, Austria


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