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December 16, 2020 Webranking

The Webranking 2020-2021 summary is here

By Helena Wennergren

Our annual Webranking research offers rich insights into changing audience expectations and shines a light on corporate communication best practice. Increasing stakeholder demands has resulted in a lower average score among the largest listed companies this year.

We have summarised the results and learnings from our research this year in a whitepaper. It is full of insights and tips on what content is expected across all sections, to help you improve your corporate website. The whitepaper covers all sections from Webranking, which are:

  • Homepage
  • About us
  • Investor relations
  • Governance
  • Reporting
  • Share information
  • Press
  • Sustainability
  • Careers
  • Features and functionalities

Each section is described with what the stakeholders expect, how companies have met these expectations this year and present a best practice example to inspire.

There is also a detailed description of our research methodology; how we select companies to rank and how the ranking criteria are created. You can choose if you want to read it directly online or download it as a PDF.

Webranking 2020-2021 summary

Helena Wennergren

Helena Wennergren

Senior consultant


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