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December 21, 2020 Webranking

Swisscom, Sika and Givaudan top the Swiss podium

By Martina Scapin

Today we report the findings of the 17th Webranking by Comprend 2019-2020 Swiss edition in collaboration with Lundquist. Swiss companies fail to meet the growing demands for transparent digital communications, as the average dropped by 3.9 points this year.

Telecommunications leader Swisscom holds on tight to first place for the fourth year in a row with 83.3 points out of 100, followed by Sika who remains in second place with 77.4. Givaudan rises to the top three this year to take third place with 73.8 points.

The Swiss average plummeted an alarming 3.9 points, reaching 43.6 points (the average last year was 47.5). This is far more than the European sample where the average also dropped but only by 2.1 points. This year the research evaluated 54 Swiss companies (39 of which have also been included in the Europe 500 list).  

 A slower change of pace

A quick glance at the best improvers illustrates a change of pace: this year, no company has improved by more than 3 points (Alcon gained 3.7, Logitech 3.6 and Givaudan 3) whereas last year various companies improved by over 5 and even 10 points. The more stringent stakeholder expectations and demands for companies to act as leaders and good corporate citizens during the crisis brought about by Covid-19 undoubtedly affected these scores.  

On the other hand, the stable presence of the companies in the top positions – notably Swisscom and Sonova – underscores the importance of consistency and longevity when striving for excellence.

Bare sustainability commitments

While 81% of Swiss companies included in the research show they have a sustainability strategy, 59% fail to present clear priorities for actions or objectives to substantiate their ambitions. Swiss companies on the whole tend to project an appealing image of sustainability, without however substantiating their presentations with hard facts and data. 

Strong careers sections

Something the Swiss excel at overall is the careers section, with in depth and updated information. Attracting talent is key in remaining competitive, and to do so, companies need to set themselves apart. An impressive 87% of companies present their values and culture. 50% showcase information about future competences development and as many as 55% have written testimonials on what it’s like to work at the company.

Switzerland top 10

RankCompanyScore out of 100
4Zurich Insurance Group63.7
5Barry Callebaut63.4
9Swiss Re52.4

See the full Swiss results 

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Martina Scapin

Martina Scapin

Webranking Switzerland



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Helena Wennergren

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