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April 01, 2020 Webranking

Oil & Gas: Improved the most over the past five years

By Karolin Jansson

Five years ago, websites in the Oil & Gas sector were among the lowest performers in Webranking by Comprend, a yearly ranking measuring how well corporate websites meet the needs of corporate audiences like the capital market and jobseekers. Since then, the industry has made major improvements and the Oil & Gas sector now regularly secures above average scores.

In 2015-2016, Oil & Gas companies earned an average score of 37.3 out of 100. In the latest ranking, Webranking 2019-2020, the average has increased by 9.9 points to 47.2 - the highest score increase out of all the evaluated sectors, followed closely behind by the 8.4 score increase in the Utilities sector.

Substantial improvement in sustainability and careers information

By far the biggest improvements have been made when it comes to sustainability content. One common example is the fact that many companies in the sector have started to present an overview of their sustainability strategy, a criteria which stakeholders have rated as highly important. Five years ago, only 38% of the Oil & Gas companies did the same, while that figure has risen to 71% during the current ranking season. Including a sustainability strategy is a way for companies to show the steps they are taking to achieve their business goals in accordance to environmental and social sustainability principles.

Another section where the industry has seen a lot of improvement is careers. Scores have increased from 31% to 45%, and Oil & Gas companies generally tended to score above average in the 2019-2020 ranking, with one criterion standing out in particular: information on compensation and benefits. 48% of the Oil and Gas companies took the time to include this information on their site, compared to only 35% of all the ranked companies.

Overall, however, the industry still has room to improve its career sections if corporate websites are to fully meet the expectations of future colleagues. For example, making sure to include HR contacts is something many companies still fail to do. Nevertheless, Oil & Gas companies are generally on the right track when it comes to their careers information.

In general, the Oil & Gas companies seem to have realised the need for transparency and effective communication. It is essential that they continue to focus on this and build trust over time, especially in times like this, when their core business and practices are increasingly being questioned.

The top performers - Eni, Repsol and Neste

In Webranking 2019-2020, the Oil & Gas sector consisted of 35 companies, with an average score of 47.2 out of 100. The top 10 performing Oil & Gas companies, however, scored an average of 66.8 points, a considerable difference from the rest. These top performers can serve as inspiration to all seeking to improve their corporate websites.

If you would like to get detailed information on your company's results in Webranking 2019-2020, do not hesitate to get in touch!

4OMV Group65.9
6Galp Energia63.1
10Royal Dutch Shell56.5
13MOL Group54.7
15Vestas Wind Systems49
16Tullow Oil47
17SBM Offshore46.8
21Lundin Petroleum41.5
23Subsea 740.7
25Siemens Gamesa37.5
26Falck Renewables37.3
28PKN Orlen35.9
29Aker BP35.3

If you would like to get detailed information on your company's results in Webranking 2019-2020, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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