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May 07, 2019 Webranking

The Capital Market Report 2019 is live!

 By Timmy Fredriksson

Clearly presenting key data to investors is a continual battle for companies. In our annual Capital Market Report based on the responses of professionals from Europe and beyond, we assess the most in-demand information and what this says about the challenges faced by the industry.

Risk is a central topic, with investors wanting to protect against a stock market dip, whilst the transparency of company financials is also a priority in enabling capital market professionals to make sound decisions in an ever-changing landscape.

Read the report and let the responses to this year's Capital Market survey guide you in topics such as:

  • Trends to watch in the capital market

    Our annual deep-dive into the minds of capital market professionals saw a number of new – and sometimes surprising! – trends come to light. In an ever-changing landscape, professionals seek the best ways to keep up-to-date: alongside the familiar call for slicker corporate websites was a greater demand for in-depth archives and figures, as well as a rise in the use of tools that enable rapid access to information.
  • Hunkering down in uncertain times

    The primary task of an investor is to make capital grow, no matter the circumstances. When times are uncertain, they crave the information needed to make sure they're making sound decisions and minimising risks. In our latest Capital Market survey, three areas stood out as having largely increased in importance: debt, shareholder, and governance information.
  • Risk management - sustainable forecasting

    The capital market needs to make informed decisions. And yet, according to their responses, companies lack the transparent risk management information needed to support this decision-making. The ever-changing VUCA world has created a demanding audience and sustainability forecasting and risk assessments are more important than ever.

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