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January 02, 2019 Webranking | News

Swisscom, Sonova and Sika top the Swiss podium

By Martina Scapin, Lundquist

Today we report the findings of the 15th Webranking by Comprend 2018-2019 Swiss edition in collaboration with Lundquist. Swiss companies this year surpass expectations, forging ahead of their European counterparts to meet the growing demands for transparent digital communications.

Swisscom holds on tight to first place with 83.4 points out of 100, followed by hearing-aid company Sonova with 77.2 points. Sika moves down one position to take third place with 73.1 points.

The Swiss average rose an impressive 4.7 points, reaching 50 points (the average last year was 45.3). This year the research evaluated 55 Swiss companies (up from 52 last year).

Weak progress last year leads to decisive shift

Swiss companies have always been quick learners. In fact, in the history of this research, they have usually surpassed their European counterparts when it comes to effective digital corporate communication, with the notable exception of last year’s edition.

In our last edition, Switzerland’s progress was weak, and for the first time in years the country fell behind its European counterparts. In this edition, however, Switzerland business is firmly back on track, decisively forging ahead and opening up a gap of +2.8 points.

A change of pace

A quick glance at the best improvers illustrates a change of pace: last year only one company (Dufry) improved by more than 10 points, while this year the figure has increased to eight, with Swiss Prime Site and Idorsia particular stand outs, showing a +20 point increase in score. That said, the stable presence of the companies in the top three positions – Swisscom, Sika and Sonova – underscores the importance of consistency and longevity when striving for excellence.

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Martina Scapin

Martina Scapin

Webranking Switzerland