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January 31, 2018 Webranking | News

KBC Group, Solvay and UCB come out on top in Belgian edition of Webranking

By Viktoria Enmark

In the 2017-2018 Belgian edition of Webranking, holding company KBC Group remains the winner for the third year in a row, followed by chemical company Solvay and biopharmaceutical company UCB. The average score for the ranked Belgian companies falls at 41.4, which is an increase of 2.5 points since last year.

See the full Belgian results here

The winner, KBC Group, scores 56.8 which is an increase of 1.5 points since last year. Among the three companies on the podium, the runner up Solvay has increased their score the most since last year (+ 4.1 points, giving a total of 55.4 points) whereas the second runner up UCB have increased their score by 1.7 points since last year (arriving at 51.6 points this year). This year’s highest climber is Ahold Dehaize, who have increased their score by an impressive 15.7 points, earning them a fourth place. Among the 14 ranked Belgian companies this year, all but one qualifies on the Europe500 list.

"We are particularly pleased to receive this prestigious award, which we have now won for the third year in a row.  The importance of the company website cannot be overstated, as it is the prime information source for the public at large. In a fast moving world, we cannot afford to sit on our laurels though. We are continually improving our site, both content-wise and from a technology point-of-view, in order to provide all our stakeholders with focused, clear and up-to-date information on our company."

Wim Allegaert General Manager Finance in KBC Group.


Belgian ranked companies score lower on average than Scandinavian and German counterparts but come in above the average score of neighboring country France. In order to continue improving their average score, Belgian companies would benefit from improving two areas: 

Career section

An up to date career section that corresponds well to what jobseekers’ demand is a good first step towards securing the right talent. Belgian companies are currently scoring, on average, 31% in this area which indicates that improvements can be made. Compensations and benefits systems, as well as information on equal opportunity policies, is information in high demand but that few Belgian companies currently presents.

Investor relations

Although Belgian companies have improved in this area over the last year, ranked companies are still only scoring, on average, 30%in the Investor Relations section. Belgian companies tend to fall short on the presentation of financial outlook – with only 2 of 14 companies ranked doing so. Companies would also benefit from presenting stakeholders with explanations of financial megatrends. Five out of the 14 ranked companies currently offer a brief explanation of megatrends but none of the companies dedicate a section to this.


Rank  Company Score 
 KBC Group 56.8 
 Solvay 55.4 
 UCB 51.6 
 Ahold Delhaize  49.1 
 Proximus Group 48.1 
 Umicore 46.2 
 Ageas 44.7 
 Anheuser-Busch Inbev 43.8 
 Bpost 38 
10  Galapagos  37.3 

See the full Belgian results here


Do you want to know more about the results? Contact Viktoria Enmark Head of Webranking, at +46 76 109 05 08 or viktoria.enmark@comprend.com.