February 01, 2018 News | Webranking

DSM, HEINEKEN and Arcelormittal top the Dutch podium in Webranking 

By Viktoria Enmark

The Dutch edition of Webranking is here and, for the third year in a row, DSM tops the podium followed by HEINEKEN and Arcelormittal. The Dutch average score of 46.7 is an improvement on last year’s, mostly due to improvements in popular areas such as responsiveness, financial transparency and sustainability. 

See the full Dutch results here

With a score of 63.4 (+0.1 points on last year) DSM tops the Webranking podium in the Netherlands. Brewing company HEINEKEN have increased their score to 59.3 (+4 points) making them this year’s runner up. Arcelormittal achieves third place with a score of 58.8 points.

The average score for Dutch companies has increased since last year, from 44 to 46.7 points. Compared to other European companies this is a middling performance and Dutch companies still have a long way to go to reach top performing countries, such as Finland where the average score this year is 59.1 points.

Three highlights stood out in the Dutch results:

Mobile responsiveness

Dutch companies have gone from scoring just above 50 % in the features and functionalities section last year to reaching 64 % this year. More specifically, the number of ranked Dutch companies with a mobile responsive site have gone from 73% to 88% this year. This is positive progress that is well in line with other ranked European companies as well as with stakeholders’ ever-increasing demand of mobile-accessible websites. It is worth remembering, for companies still contemplating whether to make their corporate site responsive, that Google will roll out its mobile first index during the first half of 2018. This will make the mobile version of a website the first seen in google search results.  

Financial Transparency

It seems that Dutch companies are listening to their stakeholders’ demands for increased financial transparency. The average score for both the Investor relations and the Share sections have gone up. Many of the criteria where the average score has increased significantly are also criteria that a large proportion of asked stakeholders regard as important. For example displaying megatrends, which 91 % of the asked stakeholders find important, has gone up from 11% of full score on average to 38% in one year.


The demand for transparent information about companies’ sustainability work is ever increasing. To keep up with this demand, companies need to be more transparent about what type of sustainability work they do. Ranked Dutch companies are improving in this area, having gone from a score of 37% to 42% in one year. This increase puts the Netherlands performance just below top performer, Finland, and means that Dutch companies have overtaken countries such as Sweden, Norway and Germany in providing information on sustainability work.


Rank CompanyScore
1 DSM63.4
3 Arcelormittal58.3
4 Aegon58.3
5 Royal Dutch Shell57.5
6 Airbus55.2
7 Unilever NV54.7
8 Akzo Nobel52.7
9 Ahold Delhaize49.1
10 Boskalis Westminster48.7

See the full Dutch results here


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