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July 12, 2017 Webranking

Webranking 20 years – Perspectives from our users

As you may have caught on by now, Webranking is turning 20 this year! Looking back at 20 years of ranking, we can see that some companies have scored high more often than others. As a part of our celebration, we have turned to two of these companies, Danish Danske Bank and Portuguese Galp, to find out more about how they have used Webranking and why they think they have been successful.

One way of working with the Webranking report, is to use it as a source of information about stakeholders and target audiences when redoing a corporate website. This is what Danske Bank did when they started the process of rebuilding their website.

Irene Engberg Montiel, Chief Digital Consultant at Danske Bank, explains how the Nordic bank has worked with Webranking:

"We’ve found Webranking to be very practical, it is a tool that is easy to use and the recommendations are very hands on. When we started the work rebuilding our website we used the latest Webranking report (2015) to see what the recommendations were at the time. We then compared them with reports from previous years to see which recommendations were consistent over the years. The report also served as a check-list to make sure that we were not taking away information and content that visitors wanted."

Webranking as a way to improve the user experience

Montiel elaborates on how Danske Bank have been using the report. She says that it is interesting to compare their result against larger companies in Denmark:

"The most important part when looking at the report is, however, how we can improve, and not necessarily compared to others but rather how we can improve the user experience for our visitors."

When asked why she thinks Danske bank often has scored well she mentions the fact that the bank has taken the Webranking report seriously and followed its recommendations when they have been possible to implement. Often, she adds, the changes haven’t been big projects but mostly small tweaks.

Meeting the expectations of stakeholders with the help of Webranking

The Portuguese oil and natural gas corporation Galp has also scored highly in Webranking for several years. According to Antonio Cruz, the company’s Digital Channels Manager, Webranking has served as an excellent tool for measuring how Galp can meet the expectations of their stakeholders:

"What we value most are the insights about the stakeholders’ needs and what they expect to find on corporate websites."

According to Cruz, different internal teams within Galp work actively to meet the needs of their stakeholders, which is why they have managed to score high.


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