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July 03, 2017

The Comprend Capital Market Spotlight Report is here

Knowing how your stakeholders access your website is an important first step to deciding what information should be on each webpage. An interesting finding from this year’s Capital Market report is that 55 % of our survey respondents say that they use Google or other search engines rather than the URL to access a corporate website. This means that content on company websites needs to be well labelled and searchable. SEO friendly websites and continuous navigation to the rest of the website also becomes crucial. 

A sceptical audience?

As few might have missed, accessing websites through the medium of mobile is becoming more and more popular. However, this does not seem to be the case with the capital market audience. 70 % of our survey respondents say that they are accessing corporate websites through their desktop which suggests a somewhat reluctance towards the mobile trend.

When it comes to the use of corporate website and their social media channels a source of information, the capital market audience seem sceptical. Only 27 % of our respondents say that they browse company websites on a daily basis and only 48 % claim they want interaction with companies through social media, which is considerably low. In comparison, the same number in our career survey was 65 %.   

An explanation for this might be the continuously strong use of independent news sources like magazines and news agency sites among capital market professionals. As many as 79 % of our respondents claim that they use independent sources on a daily basis, suggesting that this is where they get their information on companies.

This leads us to the question: How do we increase the reliability of corporate websites and social media as a source of information? Our findings point to the importance of branded content. This can help increase both traffic and trust for corporate websites and social media as it will help companies to be seen as experts in an area. More so, branded content is shareable and makes a good basis for social media presence.

Important features according to the Capital Market audience

Responsiveness continues to be a stable must-have for stakeholders, with 90 % stating that this is important to them.  We can also see an increasing trend for interactive features (+ 8 % compared to last year). Interactive features are considered most valuable when they are used to breach the gap between user and content. Features that make complex information easier to understand are also appreciated amongst the respondents.

Companies’ annual reports continue to be the most important content for our respondents. As an increasing number of companies choose to use online annual reports instead of PDF, we note that the degree of satisfaction with HTML among respondents tends to decrease. At Comprend, we find that UX is the solution to this tendency of dissatisfaction. Don't just take the PDF report and digitize it – make use of the digital features and emphasize the positive aspects of using HTML. 

To find out more about what the Capital Market Stakeholders consider important, we invite you the read the full report.