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October 24, 2017

Swedish companies use more video, but aren’t up to standard when it comes to IR

This year’s edition of Webranking by Comprend shows that Swedish companies still fall short of living up to the expectations concerning Investor Relations (IR). Comparatively, more companies use videos as a means of informing stakeholders about their business, which is completely in line with the stakeholders’ expectations. The average score for Swedish companies is 47.7 points, a slight increase compared to last year.

Summary of results:

  • This year’s winner is Cloetta
  • Swedish companies aren’t up to standard when it comes to IR
  • The usage of video as a means of presenting your business continues to increase
  • Swedish companies in general have become much better at communicating how they are increasing sustainability within their business

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Difficult to meet IR expectations

Swedish companies continue to struggle living up to the capital market's expectations on IR. On average, they meet 40 % of the criteria that Webranking measures, the same average as last year. The most notable information missing is a presentation of the company and market prospects, which only 9 % of companies communicate digitally.

- Webranking shows a clear trend when it comes to companies needing to actively communicate with all stakeholder groups, meaning that the company website needs to have a continuous flow of up-to-date information. IR is generally still a weak area for Swedish companies however they are right behind their European contemporaries since they are widening their communication through using new formats such as video,

says Viktoria Enmark, Head of Webranking at Comprend.

Using video as a channel is increasing rapidly on company websites

46 % of ranked companies present their business through videos, compared to 17 % during 2014.

According to Creo, a leading Swedish digital agency within filmmaking, the usage of video is rapidly increasing online and on social media, leading to stronger communication where other media isn’t as strong.

- Today, most people expect videos to be an integrated part of companies’ communication. Videos create closeness and transparency and can communicate key messages in a visual way,

says Niclas Grunewald, CEO at Creo.

More companies present their work with sustainability digitally

Swedish companies also continue to be better at communicating their work with sustainability. This is information that, according to Comprend’s surveys, is sought after by the capital market as well as job seekers. The number of companies describing their sustainability strategy has increased by 13% since last year, from 70% to 83%.  The number of companies presenting their sustainability goals has also increased from 56% to 64% compared to last year.

- Swedish companies have started to adapt their sustainability communication for different stakeholder groups systematically through using social media and digital productions. In turn, the effect has great impact,

says Åse Bäckström Executive Director in the Hallvarsson & Halvarsson sustainability team.

There is still room to improve however. Only 12 % of companies have a digital version of their sustainability report available.

This year’s results

With a score of 81 points, Cloetta wins the Swedish edition of Webranking by Comprend for the second year in a row.

- We are very happy about being the company with the best website two years in a row. Over several years, we’ve worked hard to be one of the best listed companies within digital communication, and this award certainly shows that this work has paid off,

says Jacob Broberg, information and Head of IR at Cloetta.

Also read our interview with Suanne Larsson who is working with HR and communication at Cloetta.

In second place is Skanska with 78.8 points, third place goes to SEB with a score of 77.5 points. This year’s climber is MTG, Modern Times Group, who increased their score by 10.1 points compared to last year.

Rank Company Score
1 Cloetta 81
2 Skanska 78,8
3 SEB 77,5
4 Swedish Match 75
5 Stora Enso 74,8
6 ICA Gruppen 73,4
8 SSAB 71
9 Husqvarna 70,4
10 BillerudKorsnäs 68,2


Do you want to know more about the results? Contact Viktoria Enmark, Head of Webranking, at +46 76 109 05 08 or viktoria.enmark@comprend.com.