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December 22, 2016

Comprend's Web Management Report and the Careers Report are here!

We are happy to let you know that both our Web Management Report and Careers Report have now been published. The two reports reveal key insights on what the trends of 2016 means for companies’ corporate communication and digital presence – from the perspectives of Web Managers and job seekers.

Comprend's Web Management Report is based on a survey of 90 Web Managers from 70 companies positioned in 14 different countries. It uncovers challenges, priorities and trends on the digital corporate communications scene, addressing areas like content activities, social media engagement, user experience, web analytics and user research. The report includes insights from Web Managers, as well as useful tips on how to think and act when working with your corporate communications – based on our competence and expertise. Delve into the findings here:

Web Management Report 2016 


As a basis for the Comprend Careers Report, we have asked 231 job seekers at different ages, professional levels and job seeking situations in 21 countries what they need and expect from companies when it comes to Careers information. The report highlights key insights, such as what potential candidates look for on corporate websites and in social media. It also describes best practice examples as well as provides tips from both respondents and Comprend experts. Explore this year's findings here:


Also read about the main highlights from this year's capital market survey in our Capital Market Report 2016.