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August 18, 2015

Webranking is developing

We are in the process of completing the 19th consecutive ranking of the largest companies’ corporate websites – Webranking by …

We are in the process of completing the 19th consecutive ranking of the largest companies’ corporate websites – Webranking by Comprend. The ranking has developed year by year since its conception in 1997, always with the purpose of helping companies communicate better with their corporate target audiences. The changes to this year’s ranking makes it easier to get an overview of how companies are doing overall, while also helping companies to know what to improve on a more detailed level.

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Audience Requirements

Webranking is always based on identified user demands – that is how we did it in 1997, and it’s how we do it now. We research business journalists, investors, analysts and jobseekers to identify what they expect and would like to find on a corporate website and in corporate social media. We identify and measure the gap between companies’ content and the expectations from the target audiences. Each ranked company can access their results in the Webranking Report, an online tool that presents the criteria and results. The general findings on what the target audience needs are shared as open research. The lists of how companies perform are published in local and international media, as well as on our website.

Core criteria will be used for result lists

Every year, we adapt the criteria based on changes in user demand and behaviour. The last couple of years have seen the most dramatic changes in user behaviour and, as a consequence, we have made the decision to divide the criteria into two categories:

Core criteria that are used for the result lists that we publish during the autumn and winter, and in-depth criteria which are included in the report that companies can purchase. The core criteria focus on the most important information that is expected from the target audience and information that all companies should have on their websites. The in-depth criteria help companies to excel in their digital corporate communications.

All criteria, both core and in-depth, are split up into 10 sections, which are the same as previous years:

  • Home page
  • About us
  • Press
  • Financial reporting
  • The share
  • Investor relations
  • Corporate governance
  • Social responsibility
  • Careers
  • Functions

The Webranking Report

To get access to the detailed results, companies can buy the Webranking Report which includes their results on both the core and in-depth criteria, along with a benchmark against 3 companies. The report also presents best practice examples to inspire and to help companies improve.

  • Webranking Standard Report – This report gives full insight into the company’s results, as well as a comparison with 3 selected peers for benchmark purposes.
  • Webranking Plus Report – In addition to the contents in the Standard Report, it includes a qualitative analysis of your digital corporate communication and a face-to-face meeting for additional inspiration and understanding.
  • Webranking Customised Report – This report is for those who want to have even more specific details on their performance with regards to industry and or specific target groups. We create a customised version based on your needs.

Webranking Free report

Another new change for this year is the free version of the Webranking Report. This is available to all ranked companies and contains the company’s ranking, plus a few criteria per section to give an indication of how the full report works.

Read more about the reports here.

Be first in line by pre-ordering your Webranking report

The first Webranking Reports will be delivered at the end of October – to be one of the first to get access to it you can order yours now.

Pre-order your Webranking report here.

Ranking closes August 31

We are getting closer to the final stages of the ranking and will close the ranking 31st of August. After that, there will be a period of quality assurance and analysis before we start publishing the results during the autumn/winter.


For more information about Webranking, please contact us.

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