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February 19, 2015

Swedish websites strong in mobile, but struggle in 2 key areas

Results from Webranking by Comprend Sweden shows that Swedish corporate sites are amongst the best performing in Europe, but still …

Results from Webranking by Comprend Sweden shows that Swedish corporate sites are amongst the best performing in Europe, but still under-perform in CSR and Career segments.

Weak in CSR and career

While Swedish corporations may be high performers in some areas, this year’s report shows that companies need to put more effort into communicating CSR activities and career information. The results also show that there is a slight discrepancy between the results of large and smaller organisations – where larger companies perform slightly better in these areas.

These results may come as a surprise to some, given that CSR is a growing area of interest for most and is a popular subject for digital communications and social media. We’ve seen that Swedish companies do not embrace digital CSR reporting to the same extent as international companies – which leads to lower scores in this area. Those responsible for sustainability could partner with a digital communication specialist to better showcase CSR activities in the coming year.

Swedish companies are also missing opportunities to communicate with today’s top talent. The career section is usually the most visited part of a company’s corporate website and is one of the most important information channels for job seekers.

The Webranking report shows that most companies need to increase the amount and quality of content to give potential employees a full picture of the company’s work environment.

Top performers in mobile

Building on last year’s Webranking results, Swedish companies remain top performers in offering fully or partially mobile versions of their websites. Results show that 35% of Swedish companies have a mobile or responsive website, whereas 24% is the European average.

SCA Swedish winner of Webranking by Comprend

SCA’s corporate site has received the highest score for the fourth consecutive year, with 82.4 points (up 3.5 points from last year). Swedish Match received the second highest score, increasing 3.7 points from last year; Skanska took third place, increasing 6.4 points from last year. ICA Gruppen is this year’s climber, increasing its score by 21.1 points from last year, climbing from 44th to 11th place.


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