Comprend's Web Management Report 2020

Corporate communications involves a lot of juggling, from staying abreast of digital trends to maintaining the corporate website. Comprend's Web Management Report can keep you from dropping the ball - it's our guide through the hot topics, challenges, and priorities on the minds of communications professionals across Europe.

Responses to this year's Web Management survey shine a light on a busy year ahead for digital corporate communications teams. Read the report to find out more about the main topics brought up by the respondents to the survey.

2020 is the year for ESG information on the corporate website

Addressing environmental, social and governance information on the corporate website is a head-scratcher for communications departments. With investment decisions increasingly informed by a company's ESG rating, a considered approach on these issues has become essential.

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Communicating your company story

With corporate reputation clearly linked to market capitalisation, companies need to avoid risking misunderstandings by promoting a positive direction when telling their story, beyond being compliant and fulfilling stakeholder needs. The company story should shine through across the website's most visited pages and build trust with your stakeholders!

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The unpredictable, changing landscape of corporate communications

In a constantly-evolving digital world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Communications professionals need to conquer this unpredictability to show their companies moving seamlessly through the tech-volution, but this is easier said than done.

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