Comprend's Careers Report 2020

Companies face the constant battle of promoting themselves as attractive employers to savvy and sometimes sceptical jobseekers, both on their corporate websites and across social channels. Tackling some of the key areas, Comprend's Careers Report is on hand to help bridge the communication gap between employer and prospective employee. This year's edition is full of insights, tips, and the occasional curve-ball from the minds of active and passive jobseekers across Europe.

Responses to our latest Careers Survey indicate that HR professionals have a lot on their plate, as jobseekers' appetites to learn all about potential employers remain as voracious as ever. Tuck into our spotlight report, where across four articles we discuss some of the most interesting trends and hottest topics raised by the respondents.

Keeping your trustworthiness high as jobseeker trust declines

Jobseeker trust is like a house of cards: difficult to build and easy to knock down. Whilst the house may not have collapsed this year, a few cards have certainly fallen loose as company-owned channels struggle to convince jobseekers that the experience they present is authentic.

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Creating a hub of vital information

Structuring your careers section in a logical, welcoming manner is a natural springboard for populating it with the content that jobseekers value the most. A careers landing page with a variety of enticing highlights is a great place to start, but there's plenty more to consider when building a full impression of your workplace. 

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It's a match! Smoothing out the application process

Applying for a job shouldn't be so taxing, but it often is - costing time and resources on both sides. Jobseekers deserve more clarity about the hiring process and the expectations for each role. Having the facts at hand is vital in helping them to closely consider their motivations before clicking apply. 

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Clear, consistent branding - the key to jobseeker engagement

It's no surprise that jobseekers will gravitate towards a company with an inspirational brand. But what makes a brand stand out, and how can companies build and maintain messaging which makes its workforce proud?

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