This year poses a unique challenge for companies dealt the unexpected task of communicating their way through a global pandemic, while maintaining a steady flow of business-as-usual content to stakeholders visiting their corporate websites. There may be no silver bullet to save the day, but Comprend's Capital Market Report can at least untangle some of the do's from the don'ts. Our 2020 edition is filled with facts, figures, comments and communication priorities as dictated by investors, analysts, and business journalists across Europe and beyond.

Responses to our latest Capital Market survey showed that when stakeholders visit corporate websites, the bar for the content they expect is set higher in some areas than ever before. Across the four articles of our spotlight report, we discuss these potential blind spots where communication teams need to be particularly agile to avoid falling short of stakeholder needs.

Tackling the future in times of crisis

You don't need to look at the price of oil to know that we're in the midst of an economic crisis. Through uncertainty and market volatility, companies can only do their best to control what they can. The corporate website is one area where companies do have full autonomy, and they need to use it as a tool to reassure analysts and investors that the road ahead looks smoother than the one behind.

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Mind the gap: what journalists expect versus what companies deliver

This year's Capital Market survey reached more business journalists than ever before. Their responses reveal fascinating insights into what they expect a corporate website to contain, and how companies are matching up to these expectations. As the title suggests, it's not all sunshine and roses.

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Reports should unpack the mindset of the business

Companies need to capitalise on the platform that corporate reporting provides. Reports offer a view of a company's financial position, presenting a valuable opportunity to strengthen trust and reputation. As such, it's hugely important that companies stay on top of what users want to see in a report, and how they want to see it. One trend is clear: when it comes to expressing preference for online reports, what started as a whisper has turned into a shout.

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Why the corporate website should breathe sustainability

The topic of sustainability in business is not going away. In fact it's only increasing in importance for the capital market professionals we speak to year after year. 2020 has seen another spike in the demand for sustainability content on the corporate website, so we've investigated what exactly this means for companies when working on their communication.

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