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Petra is part of new Comprend

Petra logotype - is now - Comprend logotype

Driving digital business and technology forward 

We carry on the legacy from Petra with our focus on using and leveraging technology to drive transformation to digital business.

We have more and wider expertise and experience available and works integrated with everything from brand to digital business.

We use data and technology as enablers to drive your marketing even better, and to provide measurable results. 

Explore new Comprend

Wider and deeper expertise
and experience

We combine marketing, communication and technology expertise with creativity and industry understanding.

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A blue, inflated bear-shaped figure stands against a plain, light grey background. The figure has a shiny, puffy texture.

and analytics

A small figure made of blue interlocking Lego bricks imitating a running pose on a light grey background.

Digital business

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Reach out if you want to discuss how to drive digital business

We’re more than happy to talk to you, please contact us.

Kimmo KanervaExecutive director
Cristoffer CrusellManaging director, Tech and digital business