March 06, 2023 News

Listen to Staffan Lindgren in the IR & CorpComms podcast by Cision 

What are the biggest challenges for companies when it comes to meeting stakeholder expectations on their corporate websites? And how well are Swedish websites performing? 

One of the co-founders of Webranking by Comprend and our advisor Staffan Lindgren shares his insights in the latest episode of the IR and CorpComms podcast by Cision. He highlights, among other things, that more information will be required on the web about risk and sustainability, but also that the requirements for accessibility will increase. 

The podcast is unfortunately only available in Swedish. 

Listen here 

Also read an interview with Anki Hallman (Web specialist) and Edvard Bergström (Vice President Corporate Communications) from Sandvik about how are working with their website to make it become the Swedish top performer in Webranking.

Staffan Lindgren

Staffan Lindgren


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