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October 24, 2022 News

Victory in the Swedish Design Prize

We're super proud to tell you that Storytel's online annual report won gold in the category "website light" in the Swedish Design Prize! The price ceremony was held on Friday, 21 October, at Berns in Stockholm.

Earlier this year, we published the Annual and Sustainability report 2021 for Storytel, their first-ever digital annual report. The report includes interactive animations, tables and key figures.

The main ambition for the report was to reflect Storytel's brand and to tell their story in an engaging way. This is what Andreas Lindblom, Head of Investor Relations at Storytel had to say about the project and our collaboration.

“ Being one of the largest audiobook and e-book streaming services globally, it made perfect sense for us to transition to an online annual report this year. Having worked with Comprend and other agencies within the H&H Group in the past, I knew they would be a good partner in making this transition a success, and I'm very happy with the final product.” 

We got really excited when we got the news that the report was nominated in the category "website light" and even more excited when we won. This is what our Advisor Johan Sixtensson has to say about the nomination and victory.

“ It's always appreciated to be recognised for the hard work that we do together with our clients. It's extra fun when we work together with the client to create the solution, that really creates the best result. It was also fun to work with Stoytel's brand and the foundation that they gave us to work with. ” 

Read more about Storytel's online annual report

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