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December 09, 2021 News

Webinar: In search of the perfect content structure

We noticed an increased amount of questions and assignments regarding content structures so we decided to do a webinar on the topic - In search of the perfect content structure.

The webinar was held in the end of November by content strategists Charlotte Naversten and Lorraine S. Green and digital strategist Berulv Tøndel. Some of the areas that they brought up were around:

  • What is a perfect content structure
  • How to create the ideal structure for your website
  • How to maintain and develop it

You can find the presentation and recording here - in Swedish. Stay tuned for an English version of the webinar at the beginning of 2022. Make sure to subscribe to our events and follow us on LinkedIn!

Inspelning - Jakten på den perfekta innehållsstrukturen

Presentation - Jakten på den perfekta innehållsstrukturen (PDF)

If you want to find out more, learn about our content services or get in touch directly. 

Webinar invitation with photo of Lorraine, Berulv and Charlotte
Berulv Tøndel

Berulv Tøndel

Digital strategist


+46 76 109 05 28

Charlotte Naversten

Charlotte Naversten

Content strategist


+46 73 985 55 77

Image of Lorraine Sauvy Green

Lorraine S. Green

Content strategist


+46 76 109 05 81

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