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April 29, 2021 News

Launch: Hemnet's corporate website

By Lorraine S. Green

Hemnet is Sweden’s largest property portal - a virtual meeting place for real estate agents, property sellers and buyers. When preparing for their IPO, Hemnet chose Comprend to create a new corporate website.

A key factor in their decision making was the functionality offered by Comprend’s Website as a Service (WaaS) platform which has been the technology platform of choice for numerous IPO sites. 

The project started at pace, with the designs and development well underway before the pandemic hit – as a result, the IPO was put on hold. The project restarted during spring 2021 and the delay enabled a rebrand to be undertaken which is now reflected in both the design and content on the site. The new corporate site launched in early April, with the IPO taking place at the end of the month – congratulations to Hemnet on the successful site launch and IPO!

Visit hemnetgroup.se

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