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June 23, 2021 News

A new shiny website: congratulations Nordiska!

By Lorraine S. Green

New platform, new design, new content – after a ‘move that bus’ makeover, a brand new www.nordiska.se has been launched.

Fintech company Nordiska had an old and outdated website that was difficult to update. They needed help with finding a solution that was both cost-efficient and easy to manage. Comprend's work included a total makeover encompassing a change of technical platform, new design, new content as well as translation to English of that new content in order to have an English version of the website.

The outcome is a brand new website on the Comprend’s Website as a Service (WaaS) platform, which enables Nordiska to focus their efforts on enhancing their communications instead of struggling with basic functionalities. The new design and new content addresses Nordiska's objectives of strengthening their brand, encouraging the perception of Nordiska as an innovative company, and gaining the trust of Nordiska’s identified audience group: private individuals who want to save money.

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