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May 15, 2020 News

Spendrups' digital sustainability report goes live

By Anna Arnle

Sustainability and social responsibility is at the core of Spendrups' business model and they are raising the bar in the beverage and brewing industry with their fossil-free initiatives. This year they turned to us for help with their digital sustainability report.

Spendrups is a Swedish brewery that has an exciting sustainability story to tell. We are really proud to have created the design for their digital sustainability report and to have built it using our Website as a Service platform. The report went live on April 29th 2020.  

This engaging report is a result of close collaboration with three of our sister agencies in H&H Group. Creo did an excellent job of capturing on film the people and personalities behind the brand, the creative masterminds at Jung came up with the overall design concept, and Hallvarsson & Halvarsson produced the written content in a tone of voice that accurately represents the innovative work Spendrups is doing. This project is a great example of how H&H agencies are stronger when working together!

We are very excited to share Spendrups' Sustainability Report 2019 with you. (Please note, it's in Swedish only). 

Screenshot of Spendrups' sustainability report

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