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It's time to update your website

By Helena Wennergren

Your annual report is ready. It’s time to release it into the world and showcase your progress over the last year, as well as your plans for 2019. Your website should always be updated, but now is a good time to review it.

Clock showing five to twelve

The capital market agrees: your annual report is one of the most important sources of information about your company. However, your audience is bigger than that. Limiting your content to a download means that other stakeholder groups might fall by the wayside – while 99% of the companies included in this year’s Webranking offer a PDF version of the annual report, only 32% also provided an online summary. Don’t hide this information behind a document download – make sure it’s reflected on your website as well!

Points of interest

Focus on the big changes. Updated figures and data are essential here – presenting your results from 2017 isn’t enough and can be misleading, but your vision and outlook for the upcoming year are also a priority, as is your business overview.

Has your organisation changed? Do you describe your business in a new way? What about media – do you have new photos of your business or key people? Use it all to keep your website up to date.

Lightning round: sustainability and careers

While you’re at it, this is the perfect time to give your careers and sustainability sections a spring cleaning. Check for any information in the annual report that is relevant. Company facts, KPIs, policies - these should all be updated across these two sections, but remember that it's not always about existing information. You might sometimes find new content emerging based on your report, so be on the lookout for elements you can add rather than change.

How to update your website the smart way

The Webranking Report is a great resource if you’re trying to keep track of how and where to make changes for an annual report release. It offers an overview of the content your stakeholders want to see, as well as a list of what information you’re currently missing, presented either as a collated list of potential updates or on a section by section basis. By using the Webranking Report alongside your annual report, you can easily map out your updates anpd keep track of changes as they are being made.

If you’ve already bought the Webranking Report and haven’t had a chance to use it yet, now is the time. If you haven't bought the report, you can still order it for your company, so that you can get in shape for the new ranking season (starting on the 3rd of June).

More about the Webranking Report

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