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Great market cap ≠ great communication

By Timmy Fredriksson

All the result lists of Webranking 2018-2019 have now been released. The compiled results list for all ranked companies shows that being the winner in one list doesn't guarantee a place on the podium in another and it's become clear that a large market cap does not equal good communication.

Looking at the 30 best overall performers in Webranking 2018-2019, most of them were also a part of the Europe 500 list. However, a smaller market cap isn't an obstacle on the journey to meeting stakeholder demands. Hera Group, Pirelli, Cloetta, Salini Impregilo, Mondadori, Italgas, Valmet, Erg, SSAB, BillerudKorsnäs and Cargotec all earned a solid score of 70+ and made it to the top 30 while not being included on the 500 largest companies in Europe list.

Looking at some of the larger companies on the list only serves to further prove this point: Nestlé was ranked as number 101, Facebook was number 789, Apple was number 833, and Alphabet, the owner of Google, was number 885.

Global 100 barely makes it to the top 30

Out of the Global 100 companies, only two have made it to the top 30 on the All Companies list. The long-standing winner of the Global 100, BASF, took 19th place and the first runner-up, Daimler, took 30th place. The second runner-up, Bayer, was ranked as number 47.

Sustainability, IR and Careers

Content related to sustainability, IR and careers is what most companies struggled to showcase. Dig deeper into what's expected and who performed well in these sections:

Sustainability challenges the companies

Circumnavigating the capital market's desires

Promote your company's culture and gain a competitive edge

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