February 16, 2018 News

New teammates at Comprend

By  Comprend Team

All of us at Comprend are really happy to have so many new talents sharing their awesomeness at our firm. This is truly going to be a great spring.

Alicia Mollbrink

Alicia is our new member in the content team. She has worked with content marketing at Vitamin Well and has a bachelors degree in communications from Stockholm University. Welcome Alicia!

Anna Dunder

Anna is a research consultant and joined the Comprend team in February. Research and communication are passions of hers and therefore she is perfect for her new role here at Comprend. Great to have you here, Anna!

Berulv Töndel

On the 5th of February, Berulv became a member of the Comprend family. He will be working as a project manager. He has been leading international teams, cross functional projects and collaboration in order to create the very best customer experience. Great to have you here, Berulv!

Christina Bohm

Christina has joined the Enterprise team as a business director to empower our management advise and consulting offering. Christina has vast experience as a consultant. We're proud to have you in here at Comprend!

Frida Rydén

Frida is our new Digital Analyst and Content Editor. She thinks analysis is a great tool to combine with skills in content creation. Especially if one is interested in seeing the whole picture in today's digital behaviour. A perfect match for our profile at Comprend – we are happy to have you here, Frida!

George Serdaris

George, Episerver developer, joined Comprend on December 1st last year. George is a great addition to our Client Services team. Cheers George!

Gustav Westergren

Gustav is a new member in the WaaS team. He works together with Gabriella, Jonas J, Andrea, Staffan and the London WaaS team to continue build a strong offering and organization for our WaaS clients. Welcome Gustav!

Hardi Leander

Hardi has been in Comprend since November 2017. He is working as an agile coach and requirement/process specialist. We’re happy to have you here, Hardi!

Johan Liw

Say hello to Johan, our senior UX consultant who have previously worked for Intellecta. Johan will be working as a member of the Client Services Team. He has during the Autumn helped out as a subcontractor here at Comprend in different client projects. Welcome Johan!

Mahsa Firoozfam

Mahsa is our new ScrumMaster within the Enterprise group since the end of January this year. Mahsa has been working in a similar role at Vaimo. We are happy to have you at our office, Masha!

Pablo Iturra

Please welcome Pablo Iturra to Comprend! Pablo is joining Enterprise as a UX designer/developer. He firmly believes that we need to assume risks and enjoy the ride in order to succeed. We certainly agree, Pablo!

Timmy Fredriksson

Timmy will be working at Comprend as a research consultant. He has a background as a freelancer in rolls spanning across the entire music business, and music is his heart and soul. We are so excited having such a passionate employee in our team, Timmy!

Zuhra Khaliqi

And last, but not least, we have Zuhra. She will be working as software test engineer. Her services are essential for organisation before implementing, deploying or introducing. Welcome Zuhra!


If you are interested in joining us, check out careers.comprend.com. We are currently looking for developers, designers and interns.

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