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April 24, 2018 Annual Reports

Coor launches digital annual report

By Sara Hernandez

It’s annual report season and companies are busy finalising their reports. More and more companies are also adding a digital layer to their annual reports by either launching a full digital version or a short version with the most important highlights. Coor, a leading provider of facility management services in the Nordics, teamed up with Comprend and launched a summarised online version of their 2017 report.

We spoke to Paula Kandimaa, head of digital communications at Coor, about the choice to create a digital version of the annual report and the work process.

What are the benefits of creating a digital version of the annual report?

- Producing a digital report is an important statement for us, it shows we are serious about developing our digital footprint and being perceived as a technology-driven company. Also, with a digital report it is possible to highlight content and present it in different ways, which in turn engages with more readers.

Who are the target groups of the digital annual report, do they differ compared to the print version?

- Broadly speaking, the target groups are the same, we have pinpointed professionals within the investment/financial sector as well as in the Facility Management industry. What we think might be different is in the behaviour of the readers, i.e. looking at professionals who are more comfortable using and interacting within the digital medium. Following this we have used LinkedIn as one of the primary channels for dissemination for the report.

We do, however, see an important secondary target group in our employees. The digital report, although not complete, has proven an effective way of reaching out internally with the Annual Report.

Visit Coor Annual Report 2017

How did the production of the annual report correlate with creating the print version?

- We began designing the digital report when the layout, imagery and most of the content was already approved for the printed report. Once this was approved, we scheduled development and content work until the printed report was virtually on the way to the printers. This was a way of streamlining the production and avoiding several rounds of corrections and amendments to the content. The finishing touches to the digital report were done on the very last days before publication on our website of the PDF and link to the digital report.

What is next on your digital roadmap?

- The Coor 2017 digital summary has been very well received internally. Next year we will surely take another step and expand on the content and functionality of the digital version so that we can offer more value to our readers. Whilst we may not be quite ready yet to abandon the PDF first process, I am convinced we will be doing so within the next couple of years.


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