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November 30, 2017 News

People and Culture <3 Comprend

By Comprend team

Comprend  have recently hired Ida Bylund to be our new People & Culture manager. “People and culture affects everything we do, and it helps us grow together – individually, as teams and together with our clients.” says our CEO Staffan Lindgren on why this is an important recruitment for our company.

Comprend have just hired Ida Bylund as our People & Culture manager, to help us to continue the work with developing our people, processes and to work with our values and culture. The Comprend brand is just about 4 years old, but the business has been around since 1996, mainly as a part of Hallvarsson & Halvarsson. As both Comprend and the H&H Group that we belong to, have developed quite rapidly, we realised that people and culture is not something that can be taken for granted.

Hi Ida! We are so happy to have you here. So, who are you?

I’m a 36 year old Stockholm native who loves winter sports, karaoke and quiz nights – haha! I’m married to Jens and we have a 2 ½ -year-old daughter named Astrid. I’ve been working within recruitment, employer branding, people development and leadership for over ten years now. How to enable people to be their very best has always been close to my heart! I have a firm belief that to be a successful consultant agency we need to work continuously with building a culture based on values; values that mean something to everyone in our company.

Ida Bylund, People & Culture Manager at Comprend

In your opinion, how do you create values that feel meaningful to every individual in a large company?

This is not easily done, and it’s something that needs time. Taking baby steps towards the right direction is how I believe this can be achieved. To do that everyone needs to be aware of their own personal values and how those personal values connect to the company’s shared values. From there we can start working with embedding discussions and behaviours in our everyday life here at Comprend. Each one of us needs to be aware that their contribution matters, and that our culture is only as strong as our team.

What are you planning on doing here at Comprend?

Oh, I have so many plans! I want to make sure we are equipped to recruit the right people. We need to upgrade our current onboarding process, continue to build our employer brand from the inside out, also illustrate and make the development paths within the company more visual. Not forgetting that we must focus continuously on equality, diversity and inclusion.To summarize, make Comprend the most awesome place to work at for digital talents!


“People and culture are at the heart of our agency. It affects everything we do, and it helps us grow together - individually, as teams and together with our clients. Having a person that constantly keeps us focused on and driving this will help us become an even better agency.”

says Staffan Lindgren, CEO at Comprend.


Christmas is just around the corner. What on your list would you like to achieve by the end of the year? (Besides attending your first H&H Group Christmas party!)

  1. Get to know as many of my new colleagues as possible, but also try to attend some client meetings
  2. Set a People & Culture plan for 2018
  3. Guide as many colleagues as possible through the Values in Action Training
  4. Get started on the important work regarding equality, following #metoo and Swedish #sistabriefen is now something that I think everyone can agree on integrally important in all companies and everywhere in society