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June 30, 2016 Annual Reports

Digitally transforming annual reporting with BBVA

Following the successful strides forward with the BBVA in 2014 report, this year we collaborated with BBVA to create a fully digital annual report.

Following the successful strides forward with the BBVA in 2014 report, this year we collaborated with BBVA to create a fully digital annual report.

As a champion of digital banking, BBVA made the decision not to offer a printed report. This meant that both content and structure were conceived for digital first. Rather than trying to remake the print version into a digital product, the organisation's approach meant the content was digital from the start. This offered a richer reading experience tailored for screen viewing.

Why Digital First?

The decision to go digital first was grounded in BBVA's commitment to challenge and explore new ways of communicating and reaching an ever expanding audience.

With digital transformation deeply rooted in the company's strategic positioning, going digital first was a natural choice for the company. With a fully digital annual report, BBVA can also track the report's traffic and analytics to demonstrate ROI and learn from user behaviour to continually improve its report year after year.

Integrated Reporting

Another important development BBVA took in 2016, was to integrate its sustainability report into the annual report. This made for a broader and more comprehensive report and also widened the scope of the auditing process.

Combining the two reports allowed BBVA to highlight a full spectrum of topics – from the company's strategic direction and business development to the most important sustainability aspects such as research and development, environmental protection and suppliers.

Why Integrated Reporting?

Integrated reporting is an increasingly popular approach, as investors gain greater insights into a company's strategy and how it creates value over time. This, in turn, supports investment decisions and risk mitigation. According to a 2014 PwC survey of 85 investment professionals from around the world, 70% of investors would like to see clearer links between the financial results and the business model, as well as risk and strategy information in the annual report.(PDF)

In our collaboration with BBVA, we have continuously aimed to be one step ahead. In terms of design and visual identity, the BBVA in 2015 report truly stands on its own. We packaged the information from the annual report in a way that can be attractive to different target audiences depending on the time they wish to spend and their level of knowledge/interest. Likewise, BBVA was able present a broader image of the company and tell a story that goes far beyond the financial results of 2015.


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