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Our approach is insight and purpose-driven to deliver sustainable growth and impact. Working in a world that moves fast, experience, expertise and the ability to leverage technology are crucial

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News and press releases

News and updates from Comprend.

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Press release
3 July 2024

Comprend continues to grow in southern Sweden with three key hires

Comprend, a leading partner for tech-enabled marketing and communication has strengthened their team by recruiting Anna Bostam, Annika Frankel and David Birde. All three will be based at Comprend's offices in Helsingborg and Malmö.

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Webranking news
12 June 2024

Webranking 2024-2025 has started

We are excited to announce that the Webranking 2024-2025 edition kicked off on Monday, 10 June. This year marks the 28th Webranking edition.

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30 May 2024

A new website for Comprend

We are proud to present the new website for Comprend, showcasing our latest work with clients and insights on tech-enabled marketing and communication.

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Webranking news
1 February 2024

Dutch corporate websites show strengths in careers but fall short in financial disclosure

Our Webranking survey unveils key insights into Dutch companies' performance against European standards.

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Webranking news
24 January 2024

Finnish corporate websites continue to outperform European peers

In the latest Webranking results, Finnish companies have demonstrated remarkable performance, particularly in Investor Relations and Corporate Governance. Careers information is, however, still slightly behind the European average. Challenges include presenting information about work-life balance and flexible working.

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Webranking news
18 January 2024

French corporate websites lag behind their European peers, but keep up with careers information

While French companies continue to lag behind their European counterparts in overall performance, they perform relatively well in presenting career-related information.

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Webranking news
11 January 2024

Spanish companies perform above the European average but need to improve IR communication

The 2023 Webranking of Spain's top companies shows strength in communicating R&D, innovation, and global presence. The financial reporting information is solid, with many companies offering online summaries. Investment case presentation needs improvement, since only 14% present this information.

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Webranking news
21 December 2023

German companies excel in employer branding, but need to improve sustainability information

The latest Webranking of Germany's 64 largest companies presents a detailed analysis of their online performance. The companies display strengths in areas like career information and leadership presentation. However, the need for improvement in sustainability communication is still evident.

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