Come and meet with us and your peers, get more digital insights and the possibility to network with digital professionals from different areas and markets! Upcoming events arranged by Comprend are listed below.

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2019 events

WaaS and Simplify technology 

20 February 2019 7.45-9.00 (Stockholm)
It’s not easy keeping up with the technology industry. In an ever-changing world you need to respond and react instantly, which your communication has to keep pace with whilst still reaching your audience/market effectively. 
Instead of investing in technology and basic requirements we want to help you build and develop your strategy, allowing you to connect meaningfully with your stakeholders. 
We will be sharing our knowledge and experience in helping companies focus on their storytelling and moving their business forward, both in less time and on a smaller budget. What does “website as a service (WaaS)" mean and how can it help you? 


Creating involvement and loyalty in transformation

6 March 2019 7.45-9.00 (Stockholm)

Openness, dialogue and involvement are the key factors that have governed the integrated communications of Bankgirots change management.

The most experienced fin tech company in Sweden is working its way through the waves of change - brought on by globalisation, digitisation and disruption in the payment market. Unni Jerndal, Chief Communications Officer at Bankgirot will share the story of how a structured and comprehensive effort in communications, has contributed to a remarkably strong loyalty among employees.


How to create a successful workshop

20 March 2019 7.45-9.00 (Stockholm)



Past events

Creo - Make a change with moving pictures

7 February 2019 7.45-9.00 (Stockholm)

Creo's CEO Niclas Grunewald and Digital Manager Andreas Korpelin Lindqvist will talk about strategies for moving content and show inspiring examples of how companies successfully integrate and communicate with moving pictures.

Catch the right waves

23 January 2019 7.45-9.00 (Stockholm)
In a fast-changing world, where changes come in waves, you need to optimally position yourself and your company and choose which opportunities to act on. Learn how to judge the waves so you can get the most out of the ride. Humla Törd and Maria Arljung Gustafsson from Comprend will guide you and give you the right tools to stay prepared.

Collaborative design

11 december 7.45-9.00 (Stockholm)

Welcome to start the day with an inspiring breakfast seminar about Collaborative Design with Comprend's Marwin Brandt.

Collaboration and creativity are at the forefront of our client work, and it’s the key to success in any development project. By ensuring stakeholders and team members work closely together, the time needed to go from idea to product is greatly reduced. Then, by empowering the team to make their own design decisions, we are quick to create value. 

Read more about the Collaborative design seminar


Sustainable Digital Transformation – in a rapidly changing world

28 November 7.45-9.00 (Stockholm)

Welcome to the Comprend fall event & mingle on the 28th of November! Sustainable digital transformation is one of the topics we want to explore with you, your peers and invited speakers. Join us for inspiration, interesting talks and the opportunity to mingle.

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