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August 06, 2020 Digital communications | Websites

You're a listed company. Where do you go from here? 

Running a corporate website is a 24/7 job. This is why it’s so important to know your must-haves from your nice-to-haves or, at least, your not-for-nows.

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Corporate communication – what and where?

Target and user groups are bigger for listed companies. You are addressing everyone from shareholders and financial analysts to NGOs and the general public, as well as jobseekers, customers, and partners.

Luckily, you don’t need to guess at what they want to hear from you. Thanks to Webranking by Comprend, we know exactly what target groups expect from their ideal corporate website and we know how to make it happen too.

What do your capital market stakeholders expect from you?

A one-stop shop

The baseline for success is making sure that you are meeting regulatory demands. A thorough process and a reliable solution for publishing your regulatory news and reports win the day here. Beyond that, take it back to basics and listen to your stakeholders: reporting and data are important pieces of information, but it doesn't stop there.

Building trustworthy digital corporate communications is a long-term project and you can only achieve it by being transparent and generous with what you choose to share. Naturally, this all comes down to making sure your website is a one-stop information shop for your stakeholders.

See what our research says about corporate communications and credibility

The corporate website is still the main source of information

While sources of information on the capital market abound, our research shows stakeholders still prefer to go straight to the source.

Your own corporate website is still the top destination for audiences. Using it to its full potential allows you to take control of your messaging and guide your stakeholders to your own channels before they use other, less trustworthy, sources.

Website services for listed companies

Highly-requested information

Every year, we ask the capital market what they want and need from a corporate website and, year after year, the following information is consistently ranked at the top of the list:

  • Financial targets and achievements. Being transparent about what you aim to achieve, how you intend to do it, and what you have achieved so far helps build credibility.
  • Financial reports go without saying, but consider the fact that most people will read your report on a screen and not as a printed document. Adapting your document designs for digital displays and making sure to also upload financial presentations alongside your reports is considered best practice
  •  A presentation of the company’s strategy gives stakeholders an opportunity to understand your objectives and get an overview of how the company plans to achieve them. 98% of our respondents have rated this as highly important.

Improve your corporate website with Webranking by Comprend

Taking it one step further

Planning for success

The success of your digital communications depends on how well you can plan, prepare, and take advantage of the listed company event calendar.

While extensive, this yearly schedule can work to your advantage. Releasing financial reports, holding annual general meetings, hosting capital market days – you should spend your time thinking about how to make the most of these events instead of just making them happen. A powerful technical platform, seamless integration for your announcements, documents, and reports, strategies for content creation, and channel choice are all the ways we can help you achieve that.

How to plan for editorial content

Martech and chatbots - X marks the spot

Working with a powerful technical platform and integrating data-driven processes is never out of style. No matter what route you choose to take here, smarter tools mean smarter work. They're your fastest shortcut to that proverbial treasure chest: data.

While you might be more used to seeing them on B2C businesses, chatbots have the potential to transform how you think about your digital corporate communications.

More on using chatbots as a listed company

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