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June 02, 2020 Digital communications

Communication challenges from the Covid-19 crisis and what to prioritise this summer

 By Sara Hernandez

We recently held a webinar about how Covid-19 has impacted corporate communication. We explored how communication priorities have changed and what companies can do now to prepare for the future. In case you missed it, below is the presentation and the recorded video. 

The webinar presented insights from a survey we undertook in May, where we asked communication professionals about how the Covid-19 crisis has affected their organisations. Staffan Lindgren, CEO of Comprend and James Handslip, Managing Director of our London office, talked to Sara Hernandez about the findings from the survey and what the Covid-19 crisis means for the future of communications.

Read about the results from the Covid-19 survey here.

Tips for what to focus on this summer 

Besides the current situation and the insights from the survey, we discussed what future communication trends might emerge from the crisis. 

One such trend is the possibility that we will keep working remotely, collaborating digitally and getting more and more used to working with teams and people in different locations. Another trend is increased speed and relevance - the crisis has taught us that we have to be quicker in our responses and more on point with our communication. Many organisations have been forced to take big leaps with their digital transformation and there is no going back. 

One question that we asked Staffan and James was what companies should be doing during summer to get ready for whatever situation is awaiting us in autumn. This is how they answered:

  • Make sure to understand your internal and external stakeholders and their needs in these times. Do surveys and gather insights and data. By understanding where they are in this crisis and process, it will make it easier to create relevant and effective communication.
  • Focus on positive storytelling. This crisis has meant a lot of hardship, but it has also shown great initiative, commitment and empathy from companies and employees. Show how your company has handled the crisis and share the positive and inspiring stories.
  • Consider what you need for your communication efforts going forward. What kind of competencies will you require to manage the communication challenges in 2021 in this new landscape? Plan on how to build your teams for efficiency and speed. 

Webinar material

Keep an eye out for our next webinars and events. 

How we can help

Navigating and responding to the communication challenges Covid-19 has created is a big test for companies. It requires speed, adaptability, and creativity. We are here to help you and your teams through this period of uncertainty and beyond. Read more about how we can help you with your crisis communication.

Read also about how you can get your communication channels crisis-ready. 

One of the main challenges for many companies is how to create great collaborative and meeting experiences. See our recommendations on how to create effective digital workshops here.

If you need help, let us know by contacting us!

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