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July 06, 2020 Digital brand management | Digital communications | Content

Seeing beyond the brand mark

The brand is dead, long live the brand. In a fast-moving, fast-changing world, brands are given the unenviable task of becoming sentient – living organisms that grow and change at break-neck speeds.

People spraying colour in the air

Brand strategy for a digital world

The modern world is full of brand marks. The Apple logo is rarely out of our sight, the Nike tick is ‘just doing it’ everywhere, while the ‘golden arches’ light up every high street with the mantra ‘I’m lovin’ it!’

But what are the stories behind these symbols and slogans? And how do you turn them into something more than a checklist of disparate elements?

In short, how does a brand come to life?

A unified identity

The sheer breadth of content that falls under the 'brand' umbrella needs something else to make it come together. This is particularly true in the era of increasingly more targeted communications - when each individual is an audience segment in themselves, every touchpoint becomes a potential source of stress.

Truly digital brands have learned to embrace the continuity of brand expression. By harnessing the potential of a custom-made brand system, you can gain full control of your brand identity through a single, centralised source.

Our brand services

Strategy and support

Consistency is a valuable trait to cultivate in your branding. But how does one move beyond protecting fixed assets, like the logo and slogan, to making sure that the softer, changeable parts, such as content, are equally well-defined within a brand framework?

By documenting, implementing, and following up on your editorial strategy, you can ensure your storytelling never misses a beat in your broader communications strategy.

We help you create and manage your editorial strategy

Storytelling, identity, and you

There are multiple facets to brand characteristics and attributes, including — but not limited to — its history, its mission, its statement of purpose, its consumer commitment, and its personality. However, that's not what a brand is.

A brand is continuously co-created wherever you and your clients meet, and the more impactful the meeting, the stronger the brand. It is no longer enough to provide your audiences with a laundry list of what you can do for them.

Enter storytelling: the art of making yourself memorable and the fastest way to change behaviours.

Storytelling can help your brand

Build your dream team

Attracting and retaining talent is not an add-on. It’s the very lifeblood of company and an important building block in growing and developing your business, yet employers are often at a loss on how to achieve this.

It’s all in the branding. By working on delivering a cohesive employer identity and experience, you can more easily position yourself as an attractive option for the right candidates, ensure that you leave a lasting impression on current and potential employees, and align your internal values with your external presentation.

Our research on employer branding

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