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UX trends 2018-2019

By  Adrienne De Geer Pråhl

Since the very beginning of the internet, the concept of User Experience has been the subject of as many explanations as there are questions. Throughout the years, a more structured and academically-minded approach was established and one thing that we can all agree on is the necessity of continuously improving and creating the best digital experience for the end-user. With UX and web design, we guide the visitor forward and facilitate engagement with the website.

So, what is Comprend's take on today's and tomorrow's essentials when it comes to creating a great user experience and intuitive web design? I met up over a cup of coffee with Comprend's very busy core team within the field of User Experience/Web Design and asked them what the major trends are for 2018/2019.

Here is a list of just a few trends in the user experience field that need to be considered during the coming year:


When working with UX and web design today, one should follow existing regulations, such as WCAG 2.1. For example, users must be able to easily navigate a website with their keyboards, film/videos need to be subtitled or have voice over services and typography and colour schemes need to be adapted for users with vision impairment.

Automized chatbots

Increasing opportunities for dialogue with end-users, as well as receiving feedback from them, is a vital need. Using micro-interactions could be a solution, such as automated chatbots where one initial question can be answered through multiple choice questions. Personalized search queries are also expanding at an exponential rate. Read our thoughts on Chatbots.


Storytelling that engages and guides the user forward is growing in importance. Using the content area on the webpage should help the end-user find relevant information. Together with the overall navigation, the use of so called UX-writing will become a deal-breaker. Read our thoughts on Corporate storytelling.

Digital fingerprints and search functionality

When it comes to the search process, we always try to focus on the increasing use of personalization. The more data search engines access, the higher the chances of successful personalization, which, in return, helps the end-user access relevant information. This is something we work on every day within our projects.

The "Don't make me think" slogan still applies

In this category we include, amongst other things, the back button – the most frequently used feature on the internet. People should be able to go back whenever they want. The purpose of a UX element should be obvious at first glance and users should immediately understand what it does and then be able to do it. Self-explanatory solutions are a must; people will want to stick to something that works.

Pictures and movable media

Video content is a must have these days. Interactive features that make complex information easier to understand is a feature rated as highly important according to our Webranking survey.

Regardless of whether the above are must-haves or just nice to have, these features should be a part of the initial start-up discussion for every new project.


Contact us to discuss how these trends could apply to your business.

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Senior UX Consultant


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