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December 12, 2016

SIME hot topic: Leadership and how to run a business when everything is changing so fast

The two days at SIME were packed with interesting topics, speakers and workshops where one of the most recurring topics was how to be a good leader for your business and team when the world is changing faster than ever.

A lot of speakers on the leadership topic discussed how important it is to, as a leader, create a so-called failure culture in your company. To be successful you have to accept failure along the way and see that as something driving your business forward. Be transparent with your team and be genuinely curious about your teams' opinions. Diversity is of course key here to have a team that can input with different opinions.

But what if you are not close to the team doing the job for example in top management or in the company board? Well this is as relevant for you. Get rid of the buzz words and meaningless corporate values! Make sure digital strategies, CSR strategies and IT strategies are incorporated in your overall strategy and a natural part of the business. Be genuinely curious and interested in the business and its consumers and be both a tease and a support for your organisation. What distinguishes a good team from a great team is that the great team will coach each other not only with passion but also compassion.

As a tribute to Swedish entrepreneurship and innovation, Mahesh Kumar who is the CEO of Result, gave a quick insight on writing the book Silicon Valhalla. Key points to take away were; "who is more important than what" and "don't aim for perfect, aim for good and perfect will come along the way".

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