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August 19, 2015

What are top companies doing on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has released their list of the most influential brands on LinkedIn. This is what makes companies rise to the top.

EY in the United Kingdom, Ericsson in Sweden and IE Business School in Spain are some of the leading content marketers in Europe, according to LinkedIn. One of the key elements that these top performing companies have in common is employee advocacy. In other words, realising that employees are the most important asset and using them as brand ambassadors to increase brand knowledge and reputation.

Our employer branding and social media experts Sara Hernandez and Tommie Cau share their views on LinkedIn’s survey:

“In order to succeed with employee advocacy it is important to foster a sharing culture. Be proud of the work your employees do at your company and show it by producing content around it. In turn – encourage your employees to share the stories with the world,” Sara Hernandez at Comprend who’s given a talk on how to make your employees digital ambassadors.

“Think employees first. What will trigger your employees to carry your brand and share your content and engage their respective networks? Find their trigger points and you’ll have an army of viral ambassadors,” says Tommie Cau, who shares his tips on how to elevate your LinkedIn presence in this post.

Tommie reflects further on the topic, “we know that the companies topping the LinkedIn influencer list tend to work very structured with their LinkedIn presence. Just as for individuals with great personal brands on social media, you don’t become successful by accident. It requires a strategic approach to what you want to achieve and a structured way on how to get there. On LinkedIn specifically, your own employees are a fundamental pillar to success.”

Key success factors on LinkedIn

Companies with great content marketing on LinkedIn have these things in common:

  1. Employees are actively sharing their employer’s content in their networks

  2. Employees are publishing posts in line with their company’s posts

  3. They are publishing company updates on LinkedIn

  4. They are using sponsored updates to reach their audience

  5. They post 12.6 updates per week