Updated features in the Webranking Report

In 2017, we released an updated format for the Webranking Report. Since then we have been working on updates and improvements based on feedback from users and user tests that we have carried out.

The updates were released 27 September 2018, and will be visible both in the report for 2018-2019, and for the 2017-2018 report. (This will only affect features in the report – not the results or score in any way.)

Here are some of the changes:

Updated Results page

The Results page – the page that you see when you open the report – now shows the graphs for your total score. You can also choose to only see the core criteria, which form the base of your official score.

Quick links to the results

Clicking on the Results in the left hand side navigation bar now offers quick links to other sections in the report. This will make it easier to browse all Webranking sections.

Stars for perfect score

Previously, when you opened one of the sections, you would only see a red flag displayed next to important criteria that you didn’t fulfil. You will now also get a star for criteria that you have fulfilled completely.

Updated history section

You can now get a better overview of your Webranking results throughout the years in the section Historical overview.

And finally, it is now also possible to reset your password automatically!

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