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December 06, 2021 Webranking

Italian companies offer detailed sustainability strategies and about us sections

By Barbara Bella

The 20th Italian edition of the Webranking research, conducted alongside our partner Lundquist, has revealed the best Italian companies also win big in Europe. This year, 111 of Italy’s largest listed companies were included in the research.

Top of the class

The top 10 best-performing companies in Italy this year are Terna, Poste Italiane, Snam, Eni, Generali, Italgas, Hera Group, Acea, A2A and ErgTerna are the best performing Italian country, receiving an impressive score of 95.9 points. Terna are also the best performing company in the Europe 500 list and they include impressive Investor Relations, About us and Sustainability information. 

Screenshot of Terna's website

Other companies to take note of this year include the Italian Best Climbers: A2A increased their score from last year’s edition by 24.8 points, followed by RaiWay which increased by 20 points, Esprinet by 13.8, Carel by 9.7 and Atlantia by 9.1 points.

Similarly, to last year, the sectors that stand out the most for their transparency in communications are those that are highly regulated, that is, the utility, insurance and energy companies.

Presenting the company and its business

How a company presents itself to its stakeholders, its mission, the key elements of the business and its commitment to innovation are all elements that contribute to defining a company identity that stands out among sector peers. In this area of the research Banca Ifis, Terna, Snam, Eni and Generali are the best-performing companies. Banca Ifis wins in this category, offering users a detailed presentation of its business model value creation for its own stakeholders, highlighting key elements and what allows them to stand out from competitors. We should also take note of Acea, a company that presents its identity and business in a clear and concise manner, putting the mission at the centre of everything.

Promoting sustainability in corporate communications

The presentation of commitments and material priorities, the definition of clear and measurable objectives, the illustration of sustainability initiatives and the timely reporting of performance: these are all key elements that should be communicated to external stakeholders. In Italy, the best-performing companies when it comes to communicating sustainability are Intesa Sanpaolo, Terna, Eni, A2A, Erg, Fincantieri, and Poste Italiane.

Seventy-three percent of Italian companies offer a detailed presentation of their sustainability strategy, a definition of their commitment and material topics. Generali, in addition to the information in the sustainability section, offers specific information on ESG matters within the Investor Relations area. Intesa Sanpaolo presents its stakeholder engagement process in detail, starting with the reasoning behind the process and identifying the reference categories, up to the definition of the materiality matrix.

The Italian top performers 

1TernaItaly, Europe 5006510 Utilities95,9
2SnamItaly, Europe 5006510 Utilities91,6
3Poste ItalianeItaly, Europe 5003030 Insurance89,4
4EniItaly, Europe 5006010 Energy88,3
5GeneraliItaly, Europe 5003030 Insurance 86,3
6ItalgasItaly6510 Utilities84,7
7Hera GroupItaly6510 Utilities82,6
8AceaItaly6510 Utilities82,2
9A2AItaly6510 Utilities81,4
10ERGItaly6510 Utilities80,8

* Out of 100

See the full Italian results or read more about the Webranking report.

About Lundquist

Lundquist is an independent, international, and trusted company for corporate communications and sustainability. Lundquist bridge the gap between companies and their audiences, helping to build trust and transparency among stakeholders. For further information, visit www.lundquist.it.

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Barbara Bella

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