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November 01, 2017

Danish websites continue to outperform Scandinavian counterparts in sustainability, but struggle to meet IR expectations

This year’s Webranking results for Denmark shows that Danish companies continue to perform well in sustainability. For the third year in a row, they outperform Scandinavian counterparts in this area. At the same time, Danish companies fail to meet the stakeholder demand on Investor Relations. The average score for Danish companies is 48.6, which means a slight decrease from last year’s average 49.6

Summary of the findings:

  • Dong energy is this year’s winner 
  • Communicating sustainability work is a highlight for Danish companies
  • Difficulties in meeting demands within IR
  • Danish companies perform well in career section compared to European counterparts


Viktoria Enmark, Head of Webranking at Comprend, summarizes this year’s result for Denmark:

"This year Webranking shows an increased interest in transparency from stakeholders both in ways of communicating and how fast the stakeholders want the information to be updated. The forefront of sustainability communication remains for Danish companies in comparison with their Scandinavian colleagues. The average total score for companies ranked in Denmark are backing slightly compared to last year, and it is within Investor relations that the gap towards stakeholder expectations is the largest." 

Communicating sustainability well 

Danish companies continue to perform well when it comes to communicating their work with Sustainability. This is information that is in high demand among stakeholders, according to Comprend’s survey. On average, Danish companies meet 43% of the Webranking criteria for this area, an increase of 4% since last year. This means that for the third year in a row, they are best at communicating sustainability work among ranked Scandinavian companies, outperforming both their Swedish and Norwegian counterparts. Among the highlights is a description of the CSR strategy, which 77% of the ranked companies are displaying.

This being said, there is still room for improvements. In order to continue to outperform peers, Danish companies could improve reporting data according to GRI, which only 32% of the ranked companies show, and present a CSR report digitally, which only 5% are currently releasing. 

IR – Still not meeting the demand of stakeholders  

Over the course of the last five years, Danish companies have struggled to meet the needs of stakeholders when it comes to Investor Relations. This continues to be the case, with companies meeting on average 30% of the Webranking criteria for this section. Information that many companies fail to provide are their goals set for financial achievements and megatrends, both of which only 14% of the ranked companies present.  

Catering to jobseekers 

Despite a decrease of 2% since last year, ranked Danish companies arrive among the top in Europe when it comes to providing career sights meeting the needs of stakeholders. In general, they are active on LinkedIn, good at presenting information about policies on diversity and presents vacancies on their website. The area that could improve is providing HR contacts and presenting company values to jobseekers. 

This year’s results

Although they have decreased their score slightly compared to last year, Dong Energy stands as the Danish winner for the second year in a row. They scored 58.9, compared to last years 61.9.

H.Lundbeck, last year’s runner-up, have also decreased their score slightly from 59 to this year 58.6. Which puts them in second place for the second year in a row. Construction company Rockwool comes in at third place with a score of 57.1. They are followed by Chr Hansen and Vestas Wind System.

This year’s Best Climber is William Demant who showed an increase year on year by 13.6 points (37.5 last year to 51.1 this year). 

1Dong Energy58.9
2H Lundbeck58.6
4Chr. Hansen57
5Vestas Wind Systems56.1
7Danske Bank54.1
10Novo Nordisk52.5


Do you want to know more about the results? Contact Viktoria Enmark, Head of Webranking, at +46 76 109 05 08 or viktoria.enmark@comprend.com.