Hufvudstaden is one of the leading property companies in Sweden. They offer office and retail premises in some of the most attractive marketplaces in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Hufvudstaden is an expert in creative office spaces and retail premises. They needed to transform their own website into a communicative marketplace with an aim to show their brand, expertise, and showcase how they put their visitors first by catering to their needs and wants. 

The website is visited by a large group of stakeholders; from prospective clients, existing tenants, investors, journalists and job seekers. The website needs to meet all these stakeholders needs and deliver both mandatory corporate information as well as interesting stories and inspirational content for clients and prospective talent.

Working together to build a new website
We started out by doing a pre-study to find out how to match the company’s goals and wishes with the stakeholders’ needs. Hufvudstaden set out goals for the website and prioritized the target groups.

We developed a new visual concept that puts the emphasis on Hufvudstaden’s core strengths, their renowned properties and their service minded people.  

The new design facilitates the user’s journey, making it easier to find what they are looking for and manage the tasks they came to do.

Hufvudstaden’s content also needed a refresh. We set a content strategy for the website and decided on a new structure for increased findability and usability. Our copywriter helped Hufvudstaden rewrite some of the prioritised content of the website. 

Throughout the project, we worked in an agile way together with the website product owner from Hufvudstaden and their technical supplier who did the implementation. We held regular stand up meetings and worked in iterations, making sure to always prioritise the most important features and functionalities. 

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