Annual Reports

We love annual reports. It is the only content that has been read, verified, audited and approved by the board and the C-suite. Don’t hide it, make it shine! Tell your story and share your perspective with the world.

Designed for reading on a screen

Today's users want to consume the content on-screen1, with printing as a PDF being a secondary, but very important, need. We design and create annual reports that are easy to read on all types of devices, as well as beautiful looking PDF documents for office and professional print.

Electrolux 2017

The Electrolux Annual Review 2017 is created with equally high standards for the online and print versions. 

Provident Financial Group (PFG) 2017

Embedded in their corporate site, the annual report content for Provident Financial Group (PFG) 2017 is available directly to visitors. Through linking and inclusion in communication activities throughout the year, the content is activated and receives more than twice the number of visitors that previous solutions did. Have a look on Provident Financial's website

Screenshot of Provident Financial Group's annual report 2017

Stockholm Exergi 2018

Stockholm Exergi has created a digital first Annual and Sustainability Report – a so-called integrated report. They have utilized the opportunity to present what they have achieved during 2017 by using videos where appropriate. 

Annual Reviews and short versions

Annual Reviews and short versions of the annual report give you the opportunity to be more creative and flexible with how you present the content. You can present your audience with the highlights and promote your PDF documents for download, but it is also effective as a landing page for link-backs from search engines and external sources.

Using short versions and linking to different parts of your annual report lets you understand which sections are more attractive and you can also use the data gained from this for audience analysis.

Have a look at some of our clients and their summaries for 2017

Screenshot of Axfood's annual report 2017

CSR and Sustainability Reports

You can support your reporting with strong storytelling that moves your CSR and sustainability communication beyond numbers. Connect what you do and how you do it with your business strategy and let your audience get immersed in your work. By implementing visualizing technologies, your stories come to life.

For inspiration, look at some of our clients reports from 2017

Quarterly Reports

Quarterly Reports can be an integrated part in your financial disclosure and reporting. Using the same design and storytelling approach will remind your audience of who you are and what you do. By making it readable and distributing it across multiple channels you reach your audience where they are.

You have the opportunity to connect to your original Annual Report content, reinforcing your message and activating your content several times during the year.


Saab is using the same approach for their Annual Report, Sustainability Report and Quarterly Report giving all their reporting a unified language.

Showcase the content

Don’t hide the content in a PDF in a report archive on your website! Annual Reports used to be sent out to shareholders, investors and journalists, but today we expect them to find their way to our content.

Activating your content using SEO, purchased media and a thought-through communication automation approach will help you reach your audience much more efficiently.

  • Editorial plan, production and execution supporting your reporting content
  • Distribution of content through purchased media
  • Communication automation and data driven activities

Going the extra mile

You can go the extra mile and really make your annual report and corporate reporting content make a difference in your brand building.

  • Augmented reality lets you put your stories in context in real life.
  • Podcasts to support your key messaging and start building an audience around key topics.
  • Reach your audience when on the move by using podcasts and video content that is relevant and up to date as it happens, when it happens

Are you ready? We are.

1 77% of the capital market prefer to read the annual reports on screen according to Comprend's Capital Market Report 2018

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