March 08, 2018 News

My Internship at Comprend

By Ellinor Olmarken, Internship Student

I was very excited about my internship at Comprend. It was a Content Strategy internship and I sort of had an idea of what it was about. Although, different concerns were running through my head. “What if there’s something I don’t get? What if something went wrong?” It is not a piece of cake to do something for the first time and this internship was my first within the digital communication business.

Lessons to be learned

One of the colleagues at H&H group asked me the other day: “So, Ellinor, what have you learned these past weeks? Is there anything specific that you will bring with you going back to school?” I took a pause. Error. My brain got fried within a couple of seconds. I had done tons of things. What would I specifically bring with me? My response was that I needed to think and get back to her when I had thought it over. It was not because I did not know the answer – more because I did not know how to wrap container it up in one concluding sentence. Instead, it became a blog post.

Let the internship begin

Starting off, I was warmly welcomed and my first Monday at Comprend had site construction meetings on the agenda. I tried to slowly process all the information. At the beginning, I was not following at all, but as time went by, I got a better grip of the routines. Early on, I had the opportunity to attend the annual conference together with the entire Comprend office. It was truly an inspiring event. I think it reminded everyone that each employee has something unique to offer and also that creativity is something that arises from positivity. It sounds like a typical cliché, but yet it is true.

At the office, there was always some kind of fun event to unite everyone at the office and it also gave me as an intern time to get to know people outside of my team. I had the opportunity listening to different project managers and creators presenting different cases and projects and also sharing thoughts, ideas and insights from their results.

Fail and flexibility

The continuing weeks, I was building pages in Episerver, attending client meetings, writing blogposts, working with intern marketing, digital strategy and webranking. My instructor Charlotte planned so my internship would feel like an ordinary employment – professional, challenging and fair. We checked off a list on different working tasks so that we would know that I had tried out all tasks at the end of my internship.

I felt like I was trusted with space to take my own initiatives within all the different projects. I think that is exactly what one needs and what I needed trying my wings as a digital content strategist.

Insights and gratitude

So, back to the question “Is there anything specific that you will bring with you going back to school?” I would say, as my favourite author and visionary Simon Sinek stated: “A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other.” And the content team members trusted me. Thanks to my fantastic guides, and overall amazing women, Charlotte, Louise and Lo, I have gotten tons of encouragement and new interesting insights. As a content strategist, one needs to be phenomenal at scanning lots of different information and also being able to act agile in all different kinds of project processes.

It is sort of sad to end my internship and I wish that everyone working with digital communication would experience with the same kind of warm welcoming I have experienced during my time here at Comprend.

If you are studying to become a digital strategist, a UX-designer, frontend developer, copy writer – anything within the digital industry, I recommend you send in your application to Comprend: digital corporate communication service at its best.

Thank you!