November 27, 2017

The website at the heart of effective communication

Comprend's sister agency Hallvarsson & Halvarsson (H & H) is one of the largest communication agencies in Sweden focused on corporate communication, public affairs and financial communication. H&H is committed to optimising not just their clients' but their own communication and marketing and we sat down to talk with Alexandra Kaktus who was recently hired as marketing coordinator.

Hi Alexandra! Tell us about yourself and what you do in your daily work.

I started at Hallvarsson & Halvarsson during fall of 2017. My mission is to work strategically and operationally with our own external communication. First and foremost, my focus is on our website and our social channels but I am involved in different types of communication activities, for example our many events and seminars.

What is the purpose of your website?

The website is our main marketing channel. Except for hosting common content such as contact details and information about the company, our main purpose is to publish insights which inspire initiatives. We want to be current and provide relevant news of interest to our customers. We share our knowledge and know-hows to help guide our customers through their communicative challenges.

How do you work with the website today?

We have recently done a lot of work concerning our website. We have done an impact mapping exercise to set concrete goals to work towards. The website has also been moved to a new platform to make the management easier for our web editors. In the near future we will also do a refresh of the design so we get an updated look and feel.

What are the benefits of moving the website to a now platform?

We have moved from Wordpress to our sister agency Comprend’s ‘Website as a service’ platform. Wordpress was too limited for us with dependency on specific design themes. We wanted freedom to make changes and adjust the website to suit our needs. That is now possible to a larger degree when using Comprend’s platform.

The web platform is also user friendly for the web editors, it is very easy to update content, text and images and the best part is that we can preview the content in different screen sizes. That way we are sure that the content we create works on mobile devices, desktop and everything in between.

Finally, it is easy to administer and use. We do not need to install plugins or update the templates or versions. Comprend handles all that for us. We just log in and handle the daily communication.

Do you have any tips for optimising the website?

We use the service Hotjar where we can analyse heat maps of how the visitors view the website, where they click and how they scroll. This gives us insights into how our visitors use our website and what we must do to create a better user experience. This is a great complement to web analytics services such as Google Analytics.

About Website as a service

Comprend offers Website as a service to small, medium and large companies. Our solution is built upon a web management platform optimised for corporate websites. With a service-based approach, we deliver the entire website and support the website on a day to day basis.

For each website, we help our clients customise the design and content structure so that every website is unique and optimised for its intended goals and purposes. The platform allows for fast implementation of standardised pages and functions, but with the added possibility of page-by-page design when required.

The solution is cost efficient as the features and technology are using a shared application platform instead of a custom developed platform for each new client. The time to market is also much faster compared to a custom-made website.

Choosing Comprend’s Website as service allows our clients to get a responsive, beautiful website with minimal focus on the technical requirements and development – that is already taken care of with our platform. Instead our clients can focus on telling their story through great communication and content.


If you want to know more about our Website as a service offer, please contact Sara Hernandez at or +46 761 09 05 06.

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